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I think we all will agree (some don't) that we should be able to carry any knife we want as long as we don't go around poking people, robbing them, etc. There are a lot of threads and posts like "what is the best self defense knife." I've wondered ever since reading the first one, how many people actually need to worry about that on a frequent basis. I consider myself lucky because I've never been robbed, attacked or anything else. Even if I got into a drunken bar fight and had a knife on me I wouldn't pull it out unless I was in fear for my life. I know that is the same feeling everyone here has as well. My point. The fact that so many people ask the question about "the best SD knife", might suggest to someone who knows nothing about the controversy that using a knife in violent situations is common. I have thought about that question myself just to be prepared. But, I have never bought a knife because of it's SD qualities. I just don't have the need, or haven't yet (knock on wood). So, my initial thought was, I wondered if a debate were to take place would the fact we think and talk about using knives as the weapon of choice be an argument for the anti-knife people or the knife people?

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