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So I've been EDCing a Chinook for the past few days but am a little wary of a.) how people kinda gasp when I use it for misc tasks like cutting down a box/opening packages and b.) if I ever needed to use it in a SD situation, the blade length is like 4"!! I'm thinking of going back to my blue Yojimbo + Lava as my EDCs. I like how the Yojimbo's blade is under 3" and is such a great impact tool, and the lava is such an unassuming folder as well. Can anyone recommend any other solid 3" or under EDCs that would also double as solid SD tools (both for cutting and striking?). The Chinook is a little intense, didn't realize it was going to be quite as big as it is when I ordered it. Plus, in NYC, getting caught with a blade over 4" is apparently as bad as getting caught with a handgun. I'm kinda scared that the Chinook 3 is walking right on the edge.... I have my eye on a lil Temp but everyone is trying to flip theirs for around the $200 range, a little high for me.... How's the Caly 3?

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